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From Twitter 05-02-2011

  • 00:08:10: RT @LiamPomfret: America used Superpower! It's super effective! A critical hit! Osama Bin Ladin died! Al Qaeda is out of Terrorists! Coa ...
  • 00:09:00: I feel terrible for laughing at that, but..... XDD
  • 12:17:50: Watching Game of Thrones episode 3. Man, nearly every line since Ned arrived at King's Landing has been AWKWARD AS HELL.
  • 12:20:43: LOL he just got here and he's like OH GOD I DON'T WANT TO BE HERE. The budget's a mess, bad memories at every corner... ^^;
  • 12:31:00: LOL THIS OLD WOMAN. You want a scary story, you little shit? HERE YOU GO.
  • 12:33:23: Bawww, he can't use his legs? ;__;
  • 12:38:08: That was Tyrion's dagger? OH SNAP. And wait, who's that guy who dragged Catherine into the brothel? Should I know him? o.o?
  • 12:54:24: Is this how Robert passes the time? Bashing on the Lannisters? ...That doesn't sound like a bad hobby, actually.
  • 12:59:52: I kinda like the relationship between Daenerys and this knight guy (in a platonic way). He's like the only guy who's actually nice to her.
  • 13:03:07: HAHAHA SERVES YOU RIGHT, BROTHER. *laughs and laughs*
  • 13:07:14: Don't go out there, uncle! You'll get killed by the scary things! D:
  • 13:15:31: So she's pregnant. What's the problem with that?
  • 13:20:23: Arya gets swordfighting lessons? YAY!! \o/

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