Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 05-01-2011

  • 01:21:13: A post about anime! :O
  • 02:10:28: Oh hi I am in love with this gif post.
  • 02:42:08: OMG Obama I love you so much right now
  • 03:29:18: I kinda hope Obama only released his birth certificate just so he could make that joke at Trump's expense.
  • 14:58:25: Filling out a written application and keep making stupid mistakes... orz I can already tell I won't be hired. What's the point?
  • 23:23:04: RT @LiamPomfret: Will Donald Trump be satisfied with this media release, or is he going to insist on seeing the long form Death Certificate?
  • 23:24:32: I think I would have preferred Bin Laden being caught and put on trial, so he wouldn't be made into a martyr...oh well.
  • 23:33:49: I kinda feel bad for the people on the news shows trying to find ways to stall until Obama gives his announcement. ^^;
  • 23:34:44: There's only so much you can speculate without knowing any concrete facts.
  • 23:49:44: While listening to the speech, I couldn't help but think back to the days after 9/11, and how terrified I was.
  • 23:51:04: And now I'm so blasé, thinking like, "Welp, there's gonna be more attacks, guess I'll stay out of DC for a while." :/

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