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A rant (yes, that's right!) on the FMA anime

People who are defensive about the end of the anime, don't read because I might piss you off. Actually I'm kinda pissed off myself so some of my thoughts might be a little more harsh than usual.

First of all, WHAT THE FUCK is this?????????

I mean really...okay, I'll say it again: WTF!!!!!!!!!!!

Al dressed as GSJSOIFSDS in Ed's clothes with long FJSIUSDHFUIFH *brain malfunctions*

WHYYYY BONES WHYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!?!? ><;;; This is SO messed up!!!

Now to be honest, I was never really satisfied with the ending of the anime. Sure, I'm looking forward to the movie, and it was a fun idea at first, but I don't think it's a good sign when my first reaction was '......Ed doesn't like Einstein! HAH!' I was anticipating a lot more, and my expectations from when I first became a fan kinda fizzled out. Along with limited time and the whole alternate universe plot introduced in the last three episodes, it felt like a train wreck.
The reason I didn't address these thoughts before is that I had hope that it would all be resolved in the movie, and because some things did make sense regarding alchemy and the Gate. But now with this news I'm starting to lose hope.
Also, I didn't realize just HOW MUCH some aspects of the anime was annoying me until I started getting deeper involved with the manga again. I first became a fan of the manga, so my expectations were formed by reading that. In many ways, I feel that the manga handles things a lot better. For example, I personally don't believe that the alternate universe thing fit with the theme of the series. I loved it as a fun and tragic fantasy story taking place in a fantasy world with similarities to ours but NOT RELATED. Sometimes simple is just better, you know?
I mean look at the manga now! Look at how it's being developed! All the plot revelations in the past few chapters- it all makes SENSE! You don't need a portal to alternate worlds or homunculii being born from failed transmutations or Al turning into the Philosopher's Stone! It's all so SIMPLE and LOGICAL! And it still manages to give the fans the familiar WHOAH feeling without turning into utter crack. ><
Also, the characterizations! I won't even start with Winry, but look at the BROTHERLY LOVE! Around the time when the mid-40's episodes were being released, I noted that there suddenly seemed to be a lack of open affection between Ed and Al. Up until the last episode, I was even contemplating the idea that their relationship was slowly dissolving. WHERE'S THE BROTHERLY LOVE? That which is the basis of the entire story??? And now look at the manga! Ed and Al have been separated for several chapters and finally they're reunited, and they're still just as loving as before. I went AWWW while reading chapter 44 last month. I did NOT during episode 51.

And now I've lost my train of thought. ANYWAY, my point is that from now on, MANGA > ANIME. Square Enix should have just waited a couple more years before animating it, because it seems like a crime not to have some of the recent chapters animated. There were even MUSIC CUES in the last one! Just....ARRRRGGGHHHH!

The end.


CSakuraS: .........
CSakuraS: Nenone sounds like she's in shock
Japan 44gou: ...Yeah...
CSakuraS: least now we know we're not the only ones ^^;
Japan 44gou: Yes. XDD
Japan 44gou: I'm leaving a comment on her post~
CSakuraS: yay~!
Japan 44gou:
Yay for my comment~

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