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From Twitter 04-21-2011

  • 08:50:56: RT @443yummy: 本屋にて。 「ママー、このぷりきゅあかわいいー!かってー!かってー!」    魔法少女まどか☆マギカコミックス第一巻お買い上げありがとうございました…
  • 13:26:03: Just finished rewatching episode 10 of Madoka made me cry again. ;___;
  • 13:26:49: I'm totally gonna try watching the last two episodes live on Keyhole. Hopefully it won't lag too much...
  • 13:42:23: STUPID KEYHOLE. STOP LOSING SOUND. ;_____;
  • 13:47:43: And it keeps freezing during all the good parts....goddammit, guess I'll just have to wait a few hours for it to appear on the net. >.<
  • 13:48:29: But from what little I /was/ able to watch, it already blew my mind a little...
  • 13:58:39: Thanks to 4chan, I managed to find a live steam for the Kanto airing! \o/
  • 14:02:36: lol but it's showing episode 10 before showing the new episodes. I JUST WATCHED THIS.
  • 14:17:10: I love when Homura steals all those guns. She looks so frail and innocent, it just looks hilarious. XD;
  • 14:23:51: Homura's voice actress just does an amazing job.
  • 14:43:53: ;_____;
  • 14:49:26: O__O
  • 14:51:08: Damn, Homura.
  • 14:57:14: ;____; AHHHHH NOOOOOOOOO
  • 15:05:55: MADOKAAAAA
  • 15:09:51: HOLY SHIT....
  • 15:15:09: I have no words....
  • 15:21:00: ;_____; Homura...
  • 15:25:30: ;______;
  • 15:28:02: That was beautiful. ;_____;
  • 16:00:40: That's it, if this show comes out on DVD over here, I'm buying it. Great story, characters, music, art, pacing, and ending. A+

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