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From Twitter 04-11-2011

  • 02:08:57: RT @Anime: News: Fullmetal Alchemist 'Prototype' #Manga to Run in Gangan Magazine • Also in Shonen Gangan: new series by Saki & Ba..http ...
  • 02:17:20: Whee, I picked up FMA Brotherhood Part 4 today! So now I begin watching the episode 40 dub. :D
  • 02:24:06: Oh man, Homunculus's voice is perfect. :D
  • 02:27:30: Young Hohenheim sounds pretty good too. ...Wait, is it just me, or is his master played by the guy who plays Father?
  • 02:41:03: YES! Aaron Dismuke DID play young Hohenheim! :D He did a good job too~ Oh, but I was wrong about who played the master.
  • 02:42:10: *jaw drop* Kent Williams played Homunculus too? o.o They must've altered his voice like in the Japanese, but...I couldn't recognize him.
  • 02:47:54: Going straight to the commentary now~ Haha, the two actors for Hohenheim brought together. Aaron sounds really different now...
  • 03:09:13: Good commentary. I love when they actually talk about the show and characters.
  • 03:14:19: I'm amused that the commentary ends with a discussion about incest and immortal inbred children. XD;; And now on to episode 41!
  • 03:37:25: Yeah...Vic's screaming in this scene really doesn't hold a candle to Paku Romi's.

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