Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 04-03-2011

  • 01:31:16: *working on SoPHD again* Man, I keep coming up with new ideas for Chapter 13 that make my old ideas obsolete.
  • 01:32:44: The text file I have for it is a jumbled mess of old and new scenes...I'm probably gonna have to cut like half of it out eventually.
  • 01:35:17: But that's okay, Chapter 13 was my 'spare' chapter. I had no clear plan for it other than to tie things up before the final battle.
  • 01:37:04: My ideas for what I was going to do with it kept changing, but now I think I'm settling on something...
  • 01:39:21: It's good to have a chapter where I have a lot of room to do whatever I want. Sometimes if I have something too rigidly planned out...
  • 01:40:37: leads to trouble when I realize I have to change a particular detail. Or if a scene doesn't turn out the way I'd imagined. >_>;
  • 01:43:10: Also I hate when I know I've written out a particular scene/dialogue somewhere before, but I can't remember where I put it. D:
  • 01:43:57: *goes digging through notebooks and loose sheets of paper*
  • 02:05:22: I'm finding all sorts of other notes I thought I'd misplaced, but not the one I'm looking for... D:
  • 02:32:45: This is driving me nuts...I could swear I wrote it down SOMEWHERE. D:
  • 02:55:46: *sob sob sob* I don't wanna rewrite it from memory, it was perfect when I first thought of it.... ;___;
  • 03:10:53: Guess I have no choice... (/_;)しくしく
  • 03:40:23: Damn, this sucks. I know I wrote out that scene. A whole entire scene! And now I can't remember all the details. D:
  • 19:06:27: I passed by another person while waiting for a table at Olive Garden a while ago. Guess that's the best way to find people playing Pokemon?

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