Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 03-28-2011

  • 00:02:45: Wh-what is going on here? XD;;;
  • 00:25:02: I always get nervous when I see people firing guns into the air in celebration...
  • 00:25:36: lol, I'm not even there and these people have the right to celebrate however they want. Still...those bullets have to come down somewhere.
  • 00:31:06: Some quick googling confirms my fear: this practice actually kills people. Yikes. D:
  • 15:42:04: Why is there no goose Pokemon? I'm putting together a real life Pokedex and come on, there are geese everywhere around here. :(
  • 15:45:19: I want a heron and woodpecker Pokemon too...

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