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From Twitter 03-25-2011

  • 00:41:06: RT @Anime: News: FMA's Hiromu Arakawa Starts Silver Spoon School #Manga • Gin no Saji is 1st weekly series from Fullmetal Alchemis..http ...
  • 03:26:49: So earlier, I met Cynthia in my White version, and suddenly it was surreal because I'd named myself Cynthia in the game.
  • 03:27:42: So it was Cynthia VS Cynthia. @_@ (She kicked my ass, btw. Cuz her Pokemon were like level 75 and mine are still are 56-57...)
  • 03:28:47: Oh, and I'd named myself "CYN" when I was playing Pearl so this is the first time's that's happened, ahaha.
  • 03:30:29: ...What the hell is with all those typos, self? >_<;;
  • 03:51:59: This is kinda out of the blue but MAYBE I'LL JUST POST WHAT I HAVE OF SOPHD CHAPTER 12 PART 2 AFTER ALL.
  • 03:52:25: Then I can continue working on that one scene for another half a year or something. :|||
  • 03:53:24: Because I just looked over it again and goddamn I have over 13000 words written and pretty much complete and this is goddamn ridiculous.
  • 03:54:35: And at this point I'm kinda over caring about whether the end of the chapter matches up with how I imagined it originally.
  • 03:55:42: Yeah. I'll think over it, reread the thing again, then I'll make a decision sometime tomorrow. :|
  • 04:00:11: Seriously, it's been a year since I began working on these scenes. I am so over this part of the story and I need to put it past me.
  • 04:17:30: Oh wait, that's 13000 words for Part 1 + Part 2. Just Part 2 is 7808 words. Well, that's still long enough. -____-;
  • 16:03:12: Pretty... :O Gainax, why are you getting my hopes up again? T.T
  • 18:06:31: Jeez, what was I so worried about? This works just fine as the end to the chapter. :/
  • 18:07:13: Sure it's not an action-y cliffhanger, but it's a relationshippy one, and that works too. Yeah, I think I'll post this.
  • 18:07:54: Guess I just needed to step back a bit and stop being such a perfectionist. :/ I'm glad I reread it, because I caught a couple typos too.
  • 18:11:42: Uhh that means I should probably update my site with fanart too...there's been quite a few since I last updated. >.>;;
  • 18:13:18: I'm so awkward about asking people for permission though... .__.;;
  • 23:10:24: Looking over this again, I realize that I really am pretty hard on Simon in this chapter. XD
  • 23:11:39: In an early draft of a scene, I actually inserted an OC who used to have a crush on him, just to even things out. I cut her out though. XD;
  • 23:16:12: It amused me though, to think of one crew member going "I...I kinda used to like him .___." in the middle of all this.

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