Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 03-23-2011

  • 00:39:15: Episode 3: Wow...did that really just happen? BACK OUT, GIRLS! WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!
  • 01:07:03: Episode 4: OKAY, I'M HOOKED.
  • 03:07:24: Starting episode 6. LOL, at this point it feels like the OP is from a completely different anime.
  • 03:11:06: I mean, the main character hasn't even become a magical girl yet. XD AND THIS IS A GOOD THING.
  • 03:16:34: Jeez Kyube, you're so damn PUSHY.
  • 03:27:02: Madoka's mom is awesome, but her voice bothers she's talking with a stuffy nose. ^^;
  • 03:32:46: OMG WHAT?!
  • 03:36:22: Holy shit, man. THIS SHOW.
  • 04:13:13: I still can't get over how misleading this OP is. XDD
  • 04:34:46: Episode 8: *jaw drop* .......That makes so much sense...... D:
  • 04:44:35: FUCK OFF, KYUBE. D:<
  • 04:48:58: *MIND IS BLOWN*
  • 05:03:45: ;_______;
  • 05:39:17: Homura-chan......BAWWWWWWWWWWWW. ;_____;
  • 05:43:18: Oh god and now the OP has a completely different context...those lyrics...oh my GOD. ;_____; HOW BRILLIANT IS THIS.
  • 05:46:52: Did I seriously just watch all ten episodes in one night? YES, I TOTALLY JUST DID. And the next episode has been delayed...? D:
  • 05:47:52: That's...very understandable, considering the circumstances. But still disappointing.
  • 16:56:46: You know what Madoka Magica reminds me of? Bokurano. It's Bokurano for magical girls. UNINSTALL UNINSTALL
  • 17:50:42: Kinda sad that I watched all of Madoka Magica so quickly because once again I have nothing to watch. :/
  • 17:51:15: Maybe I could pick up Fractale again, but that wasn't nearly as good...
  • 17:55:31: Series that were hyped as being "the show that would save anime," but turned out to be just kinda meh: Heroman, Fractale.

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