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This is not spam!!!

HahaHA~ I haven't logged into any of my RP journals at all today!! >D And I probably won't until before I go to bed, and then I'll fill up people's flists by posting as EVERYONE! YES! You see, this is to make up for not posting in my personal journal for nearly a week, and now I've gone three days without posting in Winry's journal, so that makes it even! :D

Things coming up:
-Math test tomorrow
-Astronomy field trip on Thursday (because it was rescheduled after the snow days)
-Spring break starts at the end of the week

So far, my only plan for Spring Break is to work on my Writer's of the Future Contest story, because there's not much else I can do in one week. :( Right now I'm digging up all my notes and doodles from last year, and putting together my Musical Muse in preparation. I also hope that it gets warmer soon, because sleeping with the windows open somehow always helps with my creativity.
I know most of what happens in the first three chapters, but my problem is that I don't know how to end it. Originally the story is supposed to go longer, but since the limit is 7,000 words, I have to figure out a different ending. And in this case I can't just wrap it up by killing off my characters, because the majority of them are already dead, and having the others die would just create more plot. :( TIME TO BRAINSTORM!

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