Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 03-21-2011

  • 02:07:40: Oh god I am excited I have no idea what to expect next. :D
  • 02:11:15: Oh god I was like "HOLY FUCK SIX AGAINST ONE ARE YOU KIDDING ME" but then OMG EPIC GYM LEADERS! :D
  • 02:12:55: This...this is surreal. Is this really a Pokemon game?
  • 02:18:16: I'm going around talking to people in this castle, and the more I find out, the more angry I get. D:<
  • 02:21:35: *jaw drop at N's room* ...GHETSIS, YOU CREEP. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU.
  • 02:29:45: Oh jeez these cut scenes....never been so intimidated by a legendary Pokemon.
  • 02:31:26: HAHA NOW I GOT ONE TOO, HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT. Fffff this is awesome.
  • 02:33:09: ...Fuck this, I'm using a Master Ball. >.>;;
  • 02:34:40: Fuck yeah I'm naming it BATMAN. Yes, in all caps.
  • 02:45:40: Sorry, N. D:
  • 02:48:22: Ghetsis = worst parent in the world, Y/Y?
  • 02:49:01: "Since you know the truth, you must be eliminated!" Hey, you're the one who went blabbing on to me about all your plans. :/
  • 02:51:13: DRUUUUUUMS.
  • 02:52:57: Okay I'm sorry but the Ghetsis battle music is CRACKING ME UP. XD
  • 03:05:02: Oh man, that was a hard match. D: I won just barely.
  • 03:05:59: "I'm absolutely perfect! I AM PERFECTION!" PFFFFFFFFT.
  • 03:12:38: Awww, N. ;__; And whoa, suddenly...credits! I BEAT THE GAME! \o/
  • 03:20:53: Looker talks funny. Is this because Unova is supposed to be New York and Looker is from the equivalent of Japan?
  • 03:25:40: As I walk onto Route 1, I still have Zekrom at the head of my team. A puny level 2 Lillipup jumps out. I imagine it pissing itself, lol.
  • 04:05:40: This might be kind of a biased thing to say, but N's background reminds me of Nia's. >.> He's very hakoiri musume to me. Hakoiri shounen?
  • 04:10:05: It's hard to say which background is more messed up. Both their childhoods were basically a lie. They were both being used...
  • 04:14:27: One could argue that N was worse off at the end though. He doesn't know how to socialize, or seem to fully realize the extent of his abuse.

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