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From Twitter 03-20-2011

  • 05:14:12: Random: I wonder if Parallel Works 2 will ever be released in the US? :/
  • 05:14:54: Probably not very likely, since they'd have to sell it as its own thing, now that there aren't anymore movies to bundle them with.
  • 05:16:07: And I doubt Aniplex would consider it worth the risk...
  • 05:17:10: I mean, I have the Japanese DVD so it's not like I really /need/ it to be released over here...
  • 05:18:23: ...but I just feel like it's such a shame that, unless they know to find it on Youtube, the English audience won't be able to see it. :(
  • 15:25:27: So, I haven't been working on SoPHD much lately. This is partly because I'm still stuck, and partly because I've been so distracted with...
  • 15:26:29: ...writing my own original story. This is a story that I had in the back of my mind since high school, one that...
  • 15:27:13: ...I hadn't properly written before. And suddenly, it finally came together in my mind. It's been a while since I've been so consumed...
  • 15:28:59: my own story ideas, so I'm taking advantage of that. I'll post the first chapter on my LJ once I'm done with it. :P
  • 15:30:59: But anyway, I had a Gurren Lagann-related dream this morning! It was actually a Law & Order-esque AU. ^^;
  • 15:31:40: Simon was a detective, and Viral was his new partner...which was fun, because he spent basically the whole time being bitchy/exasperated.
  • 15:33:19: Nia was working with them as a consultant/spy on a case dealing with the local mafia. Then it turned out she and Simon had some history...
  • 15:37:58: Like a lot of my dreams, I saw it in a mix of English & Japanese. And there was a Simon/Nia dialogue in there that, when I woke up...
  • 15:39:47: ...I thought maybe I could use in SOPHD later in some way...except it was in Japanese. So just I wrote it down in Japanese for now. >.>;
  • 15:41:08: I'll translate it later. It's not the first time that's happened anyway. There's at least two other dialogues that started in Japanese.
  • 15:47:46: The weird thing is this dialogue in my dream was between Simon&Nia, but when I wrote it down for SoPHD, it morphed into a Nia&Yoko dialogue.
  • 16:37:30: I've been practicing driving on the highway this nerve wracking. >_< Getting onto the highway is the worst part.
  • 16:40:52: I'm such a late bloomer, sob. But I have to do something in DC this week, so I need to get to at least Franconia-Springfield by myself...
  • 16:43:39: I wish mom was a kinder teacher...I can't help but panic when she's screaming at me like that. I'm more confident when I drive by myself.
  • 17:11:07: lol, so here I am playing Pokemon in Macy's while my mom shops for shoes, and suddenly a little boy comes up to peer at my DS.
  • 17:13:19: He's like "Look, she's playing Pokemon!", asks whether it's Black or White, then watches me fight the Elite Four for a bit. XD;

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