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From Twitter 03-19-2011

  • 00:10:00: From this episode on is my favorite part of the show. :D
  • 00:14:37: Really, this subplot about the Spinners and the power to make stories come true is just so fascinating. :D
  • 00:24:23: I kinda want a prequel spin-off about the Spinners of the past... :O
  • 00:52:27: What happens if a person with the story-spinning power is illiterate, I wonder? Can the power be put into effect with oral storytelling...?
  • 00:53:51: I wonder if the Book Men ever considered that when they decided to go chopping people's hands off?
  • 01:01:21: AHHHH THIS IS SO AWESOME. *just had to get that out*
  • 01:50:58: Hmm I've already watched five episodes tonight but.....maybe I'll just watch the remaining four episodes too. >.>;
  • 01:59:22: Episode 23~ My favorite episode~~ And this is where the story goes to a whole new level of epic. *__*
  • 02:02:57: Oh god these puppets are SO creepy.
  • 02:06:22: Oh dear, I fear that Fakir's writer's block is giving him an ulcer.
  • 02:07:57: Literally DANCE, MY PUPPETS, DANCE!
  • 02:09:29: PFFFT @ Mytho going "caw, caw."
  • 02:11:39: Poor Rue. Even the supposed only guy in the world who can love her treats her like dirt. :(
  • 02:12:32: Hello, a character contemplating murder-suicide in a children's show!
  • 02:13:37: "When you rip out my heart, kiss it for me and dye your lips red with my blood." THIS IS A SHOW FOR LITTLE GIRLS.
  • 02:18:37: She /has/ changed, Drosselmeyer. Just not in the way you think. :P
  • 02:24:17: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  • 02:27:53: DANSE MACABRE. *fangirls music*
  • 02:35:44: Bawwwww, Mytho/Rue is so bittersweet. ;__;
  • 02:45:49: Whoa wait, I just realized this. Mytho, the pantsless actually wearing pants. WHEN HE'S A RAVEN. Why does a raven need pants??
  • 02:51:51: Seems the remaining heart shards are Mytho's most badass traits. I guess that'd make sense, you need something strong to seal the Raven.
  • 02:54:41: Rue..... ;___;
  • 02:59:23: *shudder at the image of Drosselmeyer writing a story in his own blood...* >_<
  • 03:00:45: LOL @ Drosselmeyer being left slack-jawed by the events of the previous episode.
  • 03:03:04: Awww yeah, badass princely Mytho! :D
  • 03:06:22: "Look, I really do appreciate you helping me Autor, but how the FUCK does drinking Drosselmeyer's favorite tea blend help me in writing?!"
  • 03:37:33: "Happy endings are boring, I want more tragedy!" Drosselmeyer, I didn't know you were in Fullmetal Alchemist fandom...
  • 03:48:13: Ffffff I love how it looks like Fakir's quill pen is moving to the music.
  • 03:49:35: Just admit it Fakir, SHE'S YOUR MUSE.
  • 03:50:54: LOL Autor the guy busts through your door with an axe and the first thing you say is "Let's not get violent"? XD
  • 03:53:00: Gahhh he's crying while writing ;____;
  • 03:59:09: I just noticed that Fakir's fingers are ink-stained. Nice detail! :D
  • 03:59:41: So in other words, the Raven blood makes Mytho love more selfishly. Just makes him more human, IMO.
  • 04:02:58: Annnnd done. :') I love the whole show, but really, these final episodes are what cements it as one of my favorites.
  • 04:17:10: *checks out Princess Tutu Abridged out of curiosity* *Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows reference in the first few seconds* *giggling*
  • 04:29:22: 2nd episode steals from Pirates of the Caribbean... *cracking up*
  • 05:07:52: Fic idea that I'll probably never write: What if Mytho did shatter his heart again and Ahiru & Fakir had to repeat everything?
  • 05:08:36: Only this time they have their past experiences to build on and there's no Rue. :(
  • 05:18:19: Yeahhh that would be a depressing story. I need to stop coming up with depressing what-if stories. D:

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