Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 03-17-2011

  • 01:44:14: Picking up with episode 8 of Princess Tutu! Angsty times await!
  • 01:49:15: I do like how Mytho becomes more self-aware as he gets more pieces of his heart back. But Fakir can still make him sleep on command.
  • 01:55:01: So at this point Fakir just thinks Ahiru is some annoying girl with a crush on Mytho.
  • 01:59:48: "I'm not going to be fooled just because the bread was tasty!" XD
  • 02:07:05: OH god. *wince* That sword is all covered in dried blood and Fakir cuts his hand on it and *wince* IT'LL GET INFECTED, YOU IDIOT! D:
  • 02:17:32: Damn, Mytho. Kiss on the hand + "I want to know what you think of me"...I'm not a big fan of Mytho but that'd still make me go doki doki.
  • 02:21:05: It's really brilliant how they choreograph the scenes to fit the music in this show. Especially with music as great as this.
  • 02:36:31: I just love how all this serious soul-searching is set to a backdrop of Neko-sensei turning down his goat admirer. XD
  • 02:57:12: Rue-chan....Fakir.... ;__;
  • 03:07:02: Fakir...he used to be such a cute little kid. ;___;
  • 03:46:07: I friggin love this music from Scheherazade.
  • 04:05:28: These episodes are so good I forget to comment.
  • 04:31:28: Up to now I've been content with watching 3-4 episodes at a time. But I just burned through 6 episodes in a row tonight.
  • 04:47:34: I love you, dub outtakes. XD

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