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I went out to check the mail a while ago after neglecting it for half a week, so of course the mailbox was stuffed and it took me a few minutes to get it all out. During that time, I heard the kids in the neighborhood playing, and man...they were SCARY. O_O Screaming, snarling, shrieking...they seriously sounded like rabid monkeys. I wonder whether I sounded like that when I used to play outside late in the day? Oh geez that makes me sound like I'm an old woman. ><
Also, I was startled when suddenly a black cat appeared beside me. So I bent down to pet it, and then it went away. About ten seconds later, it came back for more, so I petted it again, then it rubbed against my legs. We repeated this a few times until I had to go, and by then it was purring and eagerly jumping up so I could scratch it behind the ears. SO CUTE~!!! Omg, I really want a cat now. T___T I mean this one liked me immediately after it met me, which probably means I'm good with cats or this one was starved for attention, so why shouldn't I?!?! That's it, as soon as I'm out of college and find a place of my own, I'm buying a cat!! And mom won't be around to complain! HAHAHAHAH!

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