Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

Don't really know what to say, but...

I just want to say THANK YOU everyone for all your well-wishes. I feel guilty about not reporting in yesterday about my family after seeing all your comments/messages. >_<;; I'd spent basically the whole day glued to the news...

So yes, last we checked, they're all okay! Though my uncle (a police officer) was out working when the earthquake hit and he'll probably be busy for a while. My cousin Hironori, who lives in Tokyo, sent a text to my aunt saying "Earthquake, I'm okay." My aunt, her husband, and my cousin Yumie are at home in Fuji, though they still worry me because they didn't evacuate when the tsunami warnings were out. (Come on guys, your city is on the coast and you live right next to a river! >_<)

But they're all south of Tokyo so I don't think they're in too much danger, especially not compared to northeast Japan. D: God, it's all too horrible...
Tags: family, real life

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