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From Twitter 02-18-2011

  • 03:31:26: So I'm trying Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream ice cream for the first time right now. Mmm, me like! :9
  • 04:46:55: God, episode 12 is every bit as harrowing as I remembered it. D:
  • 04:48:01: This series has so many stories that make me just want to curl up and cry, but this one still stands out for how fucked up it is.
  • 05:18:42: Watching episode 13...god, when Kino says "See you again sometime"... ;__;
  • 05:19:56: She totally wanted to return there someday. ;__;
  • 05:23:54: Oh god... ;___;
  • 05:26:19: Kino usually approaches the things she sees as an outsider, an observer, trying not to get personally involved in things.
  • 05:27:28: So the times that she does get personally involved, especially on an emotional level, just makes those instances all the more painful. ;__;
  • 05:29:40: It's easy to see why she'd take such a liking to this country. Not only because everyone is so kind, but all the parallels...
  • 05:31:39: the country where she was born affects her on a personal level.
  • 05:32:23: It's like she was looking at what her own life could have been like if only her country wasn't so fundamentally screwed up.
  • 05:35:22: Overall, I think the last two episodes clearly show that the budget was dwindling compared to earlier episodes...
  • 05:36:13: ...but the strength of the stories and direction completely overcome that.
  • 05:36:52: And now, I only have one half-episode and two movies left. :(
  • 05:43:53: This has always been my favorite Kino AMV. It's perfect.
  • 05:48:40: I remember I got a DVD with the first episode & this trailer in an issue of Newtype magazine.
  • 05:49:24: That was my first introduction to the series, and it was all I needed to get completely hooked.
  • 15:55:00: IMO, few things taste better than fresh lettuce when eaten in a sandwich.
  • 16:43:39: I got my JLPT results! I passed Level N3!! \o/
  • 16:45:34: *jaw drops* My total score is 170/180. ...It seems I did better than I thought. XD;
  • 23:07:34: RT @chadcrawford: Tattoo of Leviticus 18:22 that forbids homosexuality on your arm: $200. Leviticus 19:28 forbids tattoos: Priceless htt ...

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