Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 02-16-2011

  • 01:15:59: *playing Heart Gold* Why doesn't Brendan like me. D: You're my starter, you're supposed to love me the most!
  • 01:16:42: I mean, all of my traded Pokemon love me....
  • 01:29:35: At last, Brendan evolved into Typhlosion. Maybe now he'll be a better fighter. :(
  • 01:50:36: Lucy just had a friggin epic showdown with Claire's Kingdra and she WON. :D
  • 01:52:52: Sorry Brendan, but Lucy and Anise are my best fighters...I can't help but favor them a little. ^^;
  • 01:56:34: *gets Brendan a haircut* There, you vain little bastard, you happy now? D:
  • 02:00:44: And now I shall celebrate Lucy's victory by dressing her up and taking pictures, ahaha. ^^;
  • 02:17:18: Crappy picture is crappy, but whee~!
  • 04:53:22: Man, I really wish they'd make another Kino no Tabi TV series...
  • 04:55:48: The Coliseum episodes are still made of awesome. :D
  • 04:56:41: By far the most badass thing about Kino in these episodes is that she wins every fight without killing anyone.
  • 05:04:06: The patricide puppet theater never ceases to be disturbing...
  • 05:29:27: *searches for Kino no Tabi doujinshi* *finds one that features Kino and some girl* *description says "This is a Boys Love doujinshi"* o_O
  • 14:20:51: Oh good, it looks like the Borders where Writer's Group meets won't be closing:

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