Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 02-13-2011

  • 03:11:24: I think my Kino no Tabi DVDs are the oldest DVDs I have right now. I bought them when I was in high school. :O
  • 03:19:42: Come to think of it, I used the Kino novels to begin teaching myself kanji. I wonder if I'll be able to read them better now...?
  • 03:44:29: Oh god, the beginning of episode 2... "Oh hey, a cute little bunny--" BAM! It gets shot in the head. D:
  • 03:57:58: Omg I only just realized that Man in His 20s is voiced by Keiji Fujiwara...
  • 04:03:28: Ahaha I love this part where it's revealed Kino is armed to the friggin teeth.
  • 04:08:44: This episode. ;__; Sadly, it doesn't have the same effect as when I first saw it, but still, so brutal and heartbreaking.
  • 04:13:39: If the world is going to end in three days, what are these people doing still working? I'd be like, "To hell with work!"
  • 04:18:23: "If the world doesn't end, how are we supposed to go on living?!"
  • 04:58:01: Episode 4... ;___;

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