Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

The Great Anime Rewatch

So I've recently come to realize that I haven't watched many of my favorite anime recently. This is partly intentional; once I've memorized a show so much that nothing in it surprises me anymore, I decide to leave it alone for a while until I've forgotten a lot of it. That way, when I decide to finally rewatch it, it can feel fresh for me again.

I think I've gotten to that point with some of them now. And I'm not watching any new anime series at the moment so why not go back to older ones instead? So I've decided I'll devote each month of this year to rewatching an anime series.

For now, this is how I've scheduled it:

February- Kino no Tabi (including Episode 0 and the two movies)
March- Fantastic Children Princess Tutu
April- Mushishi
May- Princess Tutu Fantastic Children
June- Darker than BLACK Season 1 & 2 (and OVAs?)
July- Victorian Romance Emma Season 1 & 2
August- Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
TBD: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Season 1 & 2 (plus Disappearance movie)

I decided to start with Kino because it's been a really long time since I last watched it, and it's already two weeks into February so a shorter series would work better. (Plus I'm trying to finish watching Oh! Edo Rocket at the same time.)

I want to time my rewatch of Haruhi with when Disappearance comes out on DVD over here, and since there's apparently no release date yet, I'm not sure when that's going to be. If it's not out by September, then I might keep going with Baccano! or Hikaru no Go or something.

I'm taking a month for each series because I don't want to pressure myself to watch stuff everyday; just a couple episodes whenever I feel like it. I'm not sure if I'll write reviews or anything; most likely it'll just be the occasional comment on Twitter. Mainly, I want to take it easy. I'm watching for my own enjoyment, because I love these shows and it's time for me to remember why.

If anyone wants to join me in (re)watching these shows, feel free. I'm not really expecting anyone to, but I dunno, it might add to the fun so I'm just throwing that out there. XD
Tags: anime

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