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So, I've been looking around Japanese Kino fansites for the past two hours. Been reading ShizuKino fanfiction (I only understand every other word, but I can get the gist of what's going on) because I can't find anymore fanart or 4-coma comic things. I guess because they're fans of the novels, the majority of them are more literary-minded. ^^
The thing about pairings for this series is that all of them are basically crack. Kino no Tabi/ Kino's Journey is not at all a romance genre. Especially when it comes to ShizuKino, because as far as I know, they've only met once so far (Coliseum), and Shizu just figured out Kino was a girl at the very last second. XD
But still- it's CUTE! Sure, it's almost always OOC in some way, and there's no way any of this stuff can happen in canon, but THEY LOOK SO DAMN CUTE TOGETHER! I can't help it!
I especially like this list thing of 14 situations, which is basically like a challenge for ShizuKino fans to contribute to (fiction, art, comics, whatever). Here are some of the situations (that I can understand):
No.3- Jealousy?
No.6- Shizu-san's clothes
No.8- Cute
No.10- Love?
No.12- Saying Goodbye
No.14- Somewhere in the world
You cannot believe the number of scenarios such simple words can produce. XD If I am ever tempted to try any of these, then I'll know I've gone insane.
Here's the link for the list, btw:

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