Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 01-29-2011

  • 02:30:27: Why do I STILL have "Fly Away" stuck in my head...?
  • 04:17:10: Okay, now that I've gotten one thing done, I can get to watching those staff commentaries.
  • 04:18:38: I still need to edit those Raiden 18 scans a little later today though, because they look like shit right now. :(
  • 04:23:54: And again, right from the beginning, the staff commentary is so much more calm and organized compared to the cast commentary. XD
  • 04:43:17: Also unlike the cast commentary, these guys are actually commenting on the events of the episode lol.
  • 04:44:46: They keep pointing out little details I hadn't noticed before. :D
  • 05:08:41: Oh, I didn't realize that Sushio drew Kittan's death scene. He also really likes King Kittan. Kittan Zero makes even more sense now. :D
  • 05:12:49: He also drew the rest of the Gurren-dan's deaths, and they call him a murderer because of this. XD
  • 05:50:36: Ahahahaaa Sushio is so fun to listen to.
  • 06:02:04: Aw, it's over. :(
  • 06:03:35: I think the only commentaries I haven't heard now are the ones in DVD 1 & 8? Man, if only the American DVDs could have had these...
  • 06:06:25: Well, at least that gave me the excuse to buy that gorgeous box and DVDs to put in that gorgeous box.

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