Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 01-28-2011

  • 03:48:34: The last time I scanned a chapter of Raiden 18 (Chapter 2), I accidentally ripped a page in the process of taking it out of the magazine.
  • 03:49:24: And this time, with Chapter 3, I managed to do that exact thing yet again. -___-; *gets out tape*
  • 03:51:16: No, actually, this time is worse. It's ripped in two places and it's a color page, front-to-back. There's no way the tape won't show. D:
  • 03:54:04: I guess the least I can do is put the tape over the tears where it's just background art and not anything important...
  • 03:55:06: But the tears are still completely noticeable, agh. I suck, I'm sorry. D:
  • 04:00:09: The second chapter came out in 2006, omg. That feels like forever ago.
  • 04:04:24: That was like during the heyday of ZOMGFTA scanlating. :O *nostalgic*
  • 04:05:39: I still have the issue of Shounen GanGan from that month too. It was Chapter 55, when Greedling was first introduced, so pretty memorable.
  • 04:09:13: I was freaking out so much when that happened to Ling in Chapter 54, ahaha. Good times.
  • 04:13:24: I was thinking, "Man, I don't remember what happened in the second chapter at all"...
  • 04:14:42: ...and then I realized that I can always just reread it since I still have those pages. Durr.
  • 05:12:03: I wonder if Arakawa found some Chinese bootlegs of Fullmetal Alchemist and that was the inspiration for this story...? XD
  • 05:42:54: God, my scans suck. ;____; I'm sorry.....
  • 06:27:20: Oh man, a drunk Kamina...this is going to be good. XD

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