Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 01-26-2011

  • 13:13:36: I'm back in the US, and just in time too, as apparently there's going to be a heap of snow this afternoon. o.o
  • 13:14:06: We only had to deal with a little slush, thank god.
  • 16:36:39: Now that I've showered and unpacked a little, I've started watching the commentary for Gurren Lagann episode 9. :D
  • 16:56:23: Apparently Old Coco can warp. Because he's a sheep. Yeah.
  • 17:02:39: Moving on to episode 10! As always, these commentaries move so quickly it's hard to comment on anything. But it's fun. XD
  • 17:14:05: Oh, so if average life expectancy in the GL world was 40, then no wonder the characters look so aged in the epilogue.
  • 17:21:56: L-LOL they had to think hard about how to Giga Drill Break Adiane's Gunmen because of where its mouth is. XD;;;
  • 17:32:46: Yaaay, there's commentary for episode 11 too~~
  • 17:42:01: Wow, it really is snowing a lot. Annnd jet lag is kicking in now. x_x
  • 18:12:07: Ugh man I really need to take a nap. *goes to bed*

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