Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 01-18-2011

  • 08:28:31: Today was really fun and eventful. :D Went to Fuji and hung out with my cousin Yumi-chan all day.
  • 08:30:53: We made pumpkin bread, went to the bookstore & Book Off, then ate lunch & crepes at a mall. I managed to buy nearly everything I'd wanted~
  • 08:35:23: Stuff I've gotten so far in Japan: Juushin Enbu Volume 5, Darker than BLACK Shikkoku no Hana Volumes 1-3, Nurarihyon no Mago Novels 1-3...
  • 08:38:28: ...Gurren Lagann Novel 1, the issue of Sunday DX that has the new Raiden 18 chapter, last month's issue of Dengeki Daioh...
  • 08:40:48: ...a couple Gurren Lagann DVDs I found for cheap at Book off (Volume 4, which has commentary, & Volume 2, which comes with the sweet box)...
  • 08:42:51: ...and all the stuff that @Umekopyon asked for. \o/
  • 08:46:00: I suppose it'd be hard to find November's issue of Dengeki Daioh at this point, but oh well.
  • 08:48:05: The issue I have has the 2nd chapter of the timeskip arc, which includes the scene from Lagann-hen where Nia accepts Simon's proposal.
  • 08:50:26: Also, Kiyal as an idol singer. It's interesting how, since the manga is ongoing, it can incorporate all this other stuff from the franchise.
  • 08:53:04: Btw, my aunt's house has an /amazing/ view of Mt. Fuji. I took pictures, so I'll make sure to post them when I get back. :D
  • 08:54:41: Tomorrow we're just going to take it easy at my grandma's house. I'll probably spend the whole day reading in the kotatsu.
  • 21:55:02: This song is stuck in my head and I want the full version so bad. D:

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