Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 01-11-2011

  • 02:08:35: Seriously, Kazuki Nakashima must have been SO hungry when he wrote this script.
  • 02:18:23: I can never tell Jorgun & Balinbow apart by either their looks or voices so I will forever refer to them together.
  • 04:21:28: Those five tracks together are almost the same length as the entire first drama CD. Phew!
  • 04:24:28: And I'll try working a bit on the rest while I'm in Japan~~
  • 05:56:55: M...maybe I can try going there after all...maybe... ;__;
  • 15:09:29: LAUGHING MY ASS OFF OMG: 芝浦工業大学の公式ムービーが病気な件について (17:43) #nicovideo #sm13237317
  • 16:06:30: Is there something wrong with me? Whenever I drink coffee, I get a mild headache and actually feel sleepier....
  • 16:06:54: I don't have that problem with tea though. Weird.
  • 18:37:20: I took one step outside and immediately slipped to the ground and got a big scrape on my hand, because the sidewalk is iced over. D:
  • 18:38:37: I was planning on dropping a book off at the library, but....maybe I'll do that tomorrow morning instead.
  • 19:02:32: I'm sorry I suck at replying to comments so much. D: *catching up on comments from the past month*
  • 21:35:23: Mom says she wants to show my grandmother Mushishi, so I'm taking a few of my DVDs~
  • 21:42:36: Oh hey I was just digging through some stuff from my childhood and found a bag full of Japanese yen coins!
  • 21:46:27: I am now 1187 yen richer than I thought I was, ahaha.
  • 22:34:50: Hmm, I think I'll take a few manga I don't want anymore to sell at Book Off...

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