Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 01-10-2011

  • 04:05:47: So, I'm translating the drama CD now...
  • 04:06:21: Finding a way to reference a quote from Twilight while still remaining completely faithful to the original script? Good times! :Db
  • 04:43:15: OH GREAT I'm craving ramen again. :(
  • 18:15:02: I refuse to believe anything someone claims as "news from 2ch" unless I can see it for myself, because there are people...
  • 18:16:12: ...who have assumed something on 2ch is "news" when it's just speculation or something & they don't know enough Japanese to tell the diff.
  • 18:18:21: And I don't care enough about Panty & Stocking to bother keeping up with its 2ch threads since they're so active. :/
  • 18:19:43: So basically, I'm not believing anything until I see an official Japanese source, or until one of my Japanese friends tweets about it.
  • 23:31:33: RT @The_HobbitMovie: It's Official, Ian Mckellen is "officially" signed on for Hobbit movies. Welcome back Gandalf.

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