Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 01-06-2011

  • 04:37:13: Okay I should definitely watch Oh! Edo Rocket now. .______.;; I kept thinking that I should someday, but...yeah. I'll do it tomorrow.
  • 05:09:48: Oh, so the Pansuto Cafe is going to be in Chiba-ken? Hmmmmm...
  • 05:15:51: The thing is, if I go, I /definitely/ want to go by myself, ahahaha. >__>; And I dunno how I'd explain that to my family...
  • 05:18:26: Considering I'd have to ask my uncle just to get a ride off the mountain and to the train station......probably not gonna happen.
  • 05:21:30: Dammit Gainax, couldn't you have made an anime that isn't totally embarrassing to name, let alone describe?
  • 21:42:42: ROSSIU?!? :O

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