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I know I haven't updated here in forever and stuff but I need a place to privately freak out about this that isn't Twitter.

I just tweeted a reply to Kazuki Nakashima (he had misunderstood something on an English website so I corrected him) and HE REPLIED BACK TO ME OMFG. *EXPLODES INSIDE*

And yeah, that's all that happened. But...but oh my god.

....I feel bad for not having watched Oh! Edo Rocket now. Since that was the subject of the reply. .________.;

EDIT: *gapes* HE RETWEETED MY REPLY AJFOISJFIUSHFSuihglfuaprsugliksd09[g8iuuueos8ybnps9er7y

EDIT 2: feels weird seeing my username in Shou Aikawa's tweet now...I mean none of these guys know who I am or even care but......dude.
Tags: anime, omfg

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