Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 01-03-2011

  • 01:25:15: More dub watching with episode 36 now. Hmm...objectively, I can't say they're bad, but Hohenheim & Trisha's voices don't really fit IMO.
  • 01:28:49: At least, they don't sound like what I'd imagine. Trisha sounds older than she looks. Hohenheim lacks the dorky quality to him.
  • 01:29:45: I know I'm being picky here though. :P
  • 01:31:19: So many people I know are getting on Tumblr and I am resisting like I resisted getting on Twitter at first.
  • 01:32:51: Mainly because I already kinda abandoned LiveJournal for Twitter and I don't want to move again to another social network so soon. :(
  • 01:34:50: Though it sucks because sometimes I want to comment on something on Tumblr but I can't.
  • 01:39:14: Though I don't think I'll ever completely abandon Twitter (just as I still check LJ though I don't post much anymore) because...
  • 01:41:02: ...I'm following various Gainax staff and there's people (mainly from Japan) who I only talk to on here.
  • 02:10:44: Listening to 36's commentary now. I love hearing them talk about these characters. :D
  • 02:21:35: LOL at the image of Olivier working at a convenience store.
  • 02:28:02: This has been one of the best dub commentaries I've seen so far. Actual in-depth discussion of the characters and comments on the episode!
  • 03:50:12: Finished watching the episodes. I want more. D: When's the 4th DVD set coming out...?
  • 03:54:46: At this point, aside from a few voices I still don't like, this dub is very watchable. While I prefer the original, it says a lot that...
  • 03:55:52: ...most of the time I don't feel like I'm hearing a dub, I feel like I'm hearing the characters. Major props to Maxey Whitehead for this.
  • 04:19:24: Listening to "RAY OF LIGHT" still fills me with all sorts of sentimental and nostalgic feelings...
  • 04:25:10: And now that I've pretty thoroughly distracted myself with Pokemon and Fullmetal Alchemist for about the past week...
  • 04:25:27: ...hopefully I can get myself back into a Gurren Lagann mood again, cuz I've got fandom stuff to do before I leave for Japan. >_>;
  • 19:03:41: Yaaay I got shiny Raikou at Gamestop! :D But...I won't be able to get Entei because I'll be in Japan when it's being given out. :(
  • 19:13:54: Oh well, the only legendary giveaway I /really/ care about is Celebi since it unlocks something in the game.

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