Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 01-02-2011

  • 01:56:04: Resuming my FMA dub watch with episode 29. I'm still really liking Greedling's voice. :D
  • 01:59:03: Troy Baker really brings out his personality.
  • 02:26:33: Kimbley sounds better now that he doesn't talk like a complete lunatic all the time. Though he's not as Smooth Criminal-ish as I'd like.
  • 03:54:35: Just finished episode 33. Buccaneer & Olivier.....I approve!! :D
  • 03:59:22: Okay, gonna watch episode 34 and then go to bed.
  • 04:16:18: Olivier is like.......perfect. :DD *so happy*
  • 04:24:48: Miles sounds great too ahhhhh. And I still love this episode so much. *grinning like a maniac*
  • 04:29:33: SLOTH! Ahaha I'm loving his voice too.
  • 04:36:15: Well shit, I can't stop NOW. *moves on to episode 35*

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