Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 01-01-2011

  • 01:45:44: I'm about 45 minutes late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR~!
  • 02:29:36: I've decided I'm gonna start off the new year by watching some FMA Brotherhood dub episodes from the 3rd DVD set I got today.
  • 02:30:58: Adult Swim really should've aired these earlier. I'm totally gonna forget to watch them on air. Or rather, I wouldn't /need/ to.
  • 02:35:12: I haven't eaten datemaki in like two years now. My favorite New Years food, and it's so hard to get around here. :(
  • 02:36:49: Well, at least we had soba and we'll be having ozouni in the morning.
  • 02:40:04: Anyway, here we go, the weird recap/Hohenheim getting drunk and hallucinating episode.
  • 02:42:06: I forgot how many episodes there were before Olivier shows up. I don't think I'll get to hear her today. :(
  • 02:50:09: lol, I've been ignoring most of this episode. *messing around on Twitter instead*
  • 02:52:29: Because I can't stand alcohol, my default celebratory drink is and always has been sparkling cider. *sips a glass*
  • 03:19:14: I think I like Chris Patton as Greedling more than as original Greed.
  • 03:29:50: HA! No wonder I like Greedling's voice better than Greed! They got an entirely different voice actor to play him!
  • 03:32:08: That's an interesting approach, and I must say, I really like it. I'm kinda glad I don't have to hear Patton as Greed anymore. XD;
  • 03:36:56: Oh hey, episode 28 has commentary! I think I'll watch that instead of just moving on to 29 and then call it a night.

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