Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 12-23-2010

  • 01:44:17: I'm booooored & I'm too frustrated with my fanfic to want to work on it right now even though I should. Guess I'll translate that drama CD.
  • 02:25:11: I hate how when I try to fill out a kink prompt it usually turns out long and serious and non-porny. :( *gives up*
  • 02:39:21: I mean once I get to the point that I realize this prompt is going to take several thousand words to develop...I just give up.
  • 02:40:03: I'm just not very good at PWP. :(
  • 03:36:08: Oh god curse this drama CD, making me crave yakisoba bread and ramen. ;__; EVERY TIME. EVERY GODDAMN TIME.
  • 03:39:40: Maybe I'll make some ramen right like two in the morning.
  • 23:41:26: I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THIS SCENE. Someone please tell me what to do with this scene. :(
  • 23:42:27: I'm considering just deleting it at this point, but it does have some important information, and the previous scenes lead up to it so....
  • 23:46:02: You know, despite how slow the fandom is right now, this has actually been a very productive year for Gurren Lagann. *feels grateful*
  • 23:47:54: And lol I should post at least part of that drama CD translation before January 26 (aka the date I first listened to it).
  • 23:48:38: ...Except I'm in Japan from January 12-26 so really I should post it before January 12. >.>;

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