Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 12-10-2010

  • 01:22:14: Soooo looking forward to tomorrow's Panty & Stocking episode. Yoshinari + Tadashi Hiramatsu + Shouko Nishigaki + possible backstory!
  • 15:05:05: *starts watching Pansuto episode 10* ...Whoa, what? Super short OP? That was only like 5 seconds long! XD;
  • 15:18:11: Episode 10 Part 1: ...Wow, that was kinda amazing. They should get Yoshinari to do all backstory episodes. :O
  • 15:32:46: Hmm, no ED either, they just played the credits over the end of the episode.
  • 15:36:14: Episode 10 Part 2: Pretty entertaining for a story that's just about Panty and Stocking sitting on a couch and griping all day, ahaha.
  • 16:05:17: One thing I really like about Panty & Stocking is how experimental it is. You never really know what to expect in each episode.
  • 16:06:11: I mean, they tried that in the earlier episodes of Gurren Lagann, and got a negative reaction over it.
  • 16:07:12: Because one expects uniformity in a serialized story. But the experimental thing totally works for an episodic series like this.
  • 16:13:02: Oh wait, that was episode 11, not 10. My bad. :X

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