Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 11-14-2010

  • 05:11:01: I've come to the conclusion that there are Japanese South Park fansub groups. Because these Japanese subs are obviously fansubs.
  • 05:12:20: They're even using TV rips right off Comedy Central.
  • 05:13:09: HOLY SHIT GUYS!!!!!!!
  • 05:14:16: *watches trailer* ...Uh....what the hell was that?
  • 05:17:08: Why did half of that not even look anything like Fullmetal Alchemist? I'm reminded of the PlayStation games...
  • 05:17:54: long as it's not as bad as Conqueror of Shamballa...?
  • 05:30:39: I still can't get over the FLYING BAT PEOPLE. Are they chimeras...??
  • 06:12:47: Oh hey you know what, Ed didn't even get to wear that jacket in Brotherhood. Don't tell me they're making this movie just to fix that? XD
  • 14:06:14: *make post on fm_alchemist about the new movie* *go to bed* *wake up to find over 100 comments in my Inbox* :/

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