Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

Re: New FMA movie trailer

My reaction on Twitter should get posted later, but...

Silver so moe: I just saw the movie trailer *slow*
ShukumeiGattai: XD
Silver so moe: I'm just kind of like, um.........
Silver so moe: ......
Silver so moe: what
ShukumeiGattai: yeah, that's basically my reaction
Silver so moe: also why is Ed's hair outlined with black
ShukumeiGattai: because different staff : (
Silver so moe: D:
ShukumeiGattai: different director, writer, character designer, animation director...
Silver so moe: a lot of the trailer looked pretty QUALITY too
Silver so moe: which is kind of like wtf, you have a movie budget
ShukumeiGattai: Roy looked terrible
ShukumeiGattai: I kinda like how Ed is drawn, but...
ShukumeiGattai: I like what they did with his eyes, the colors are all pretty
Silver so moe: before I saw the trailer I was thinking "hmm next summer, maybe if I get a job I can save up money to go to Japan next summer and see it"
Silver so moe: now I'm just kind of like... ehhhh.
ShukumeiGattai: XD
ShukumeiGattai: the main problem imo is that there's nothing to look forward to as far as the story
Silver so moe: yeah
ShukumeiGattai: because the main story is over
ShukumeiGattai: and filler stories have never been all that interesting for this series, unless they were written by Arakawa
Silver so moe: At least the 2003 anime was kind of left with a "NOW what happens OMG CAN'T WAIT FOR THE MOVIE" feeling
ShukumeiGattai: yeah
Silver so moe: even though the movie ended up sucking
Silver so moe: I wonder if this movie will have a mary sue girl
Silver so moe: it wouldn't be complete without one
ShukumeiGattai: ehhh, I think we would have seen her if there was
ShukumeiGattai: because in the game promotions, they've always been like front and center
Silver so moe: true
ShukumeiGattai: instead we get batwoman, werechimera, and Isaac 2.0
ShukumeiGattai: and some kind of wailing hill named Milos
Silver so moe: pffft
ShukumeiGattai: ...this movie just sounds SO weird so far
Silver so moe: Sacred Star... maybe it'll come out around Tanabata
Silver so moe: hurrrr
ShukumeiGattai: ahaha

Also, remember this idea and how I said I doubt I'd write it? Well, today I found this (yeah, she drew fanart of it) and DIED OF CUTE.

And so, tonight, I started writing it. u___________u;;; GOD I SUCK, I KNOW, I NEED TO GO FINISH SOPHD CHAPTER 12. *bangs head against wall*
Tags: fanfiction, fma, gurren lagann, movies

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