Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,


I hardly ever eat fast food. I credit this (a relatively "healthy" diet) for my slim figure, despite my mostly sedentary lifestyle.

But today I realized that I've eaten fast food for two days in a row (Friday and Saturday). Not necessarily by choice (I'd have eaten in a restaurant yesterday if I could), but still. I vowed to eat something healthier today.

But for breakfast, I ate two donuts. And for lunch, we made okonomiyaki, which, after pouring on ketchup, sauce, and mayonnaise, probably ended up less healthy than the average hamburger. On top of this, I've been feeling a bit sick all day.

So mom went nuts and is suddenly making both beef stew and chicken noodle soup in the same night, while also making me make corn bread.

...There's no punchline to this story. I just wanted to note that mom is cooking up a storm and I'll probably have enough "healthy" food to last for the next few days.

Annnnd the trick-or-treaters are coming in! :) Happy Halloween, everyone!
Tags: family, food, holidays

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