Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 10-27-2010

  • 01:28:09: Oh look, a fanfic excerpt dump:
  • 01:30:52: I was thinking of including the Lagann-hen post-battle Simon/Nia smut thingy, but looking over it, I just got so embarrassed. So, no. :(
  • 12:58:23: Hmm, when asked for 'Other Fandoms' in a Friending Meme...
  • 12:59:27: ...that means 'other fandoms I've actually participated in' rather than 'fandoms I like but don't really participate in,' right?
  • 13:02:01: The rain is really pouring's starting to scare me.
  • 13:39:41: I'm bad at advertising myself. :| But my LJ is so boring these days that I doubt anyone wants to friend me anyway. :|
  • 14:48:30: Okay, I realize I've lost some weight in the past year or so, but nearly all my jeans are too big for me now. This is a problem.
  • 18:16:08: So all week, the first floor of the house has been smelling like dust...
  • 18:16:25: ...and now that I've applied laminate floor cleaner, it smells so sicky sweet that I can hardly stand it. DX
  • 22:20:41: Oh god, did he make Simon crossdress again? XD;

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