Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 10-23-2010

  • 02:17:07: It looks like Gurren Lagann isn't in the lineup for this month's issue. :O
  • 02:18:09: So I guess Mori /is/ taking a break this month...which means timeskip will begin next month?
  • 05:28:14: Holy shit man, I WANT TO GO. O_O
  • 12:50:54: I've been stuck on this part with Yoko for a while...but I think I have the motivation to work through it now. Or at least, I'll try! >_<
  • 12:52:20: It's just frustrating to have most of the chapter finished for months and not be able to post it because I'm stuck on just one part.
  • 13:06:34: Though for the moment, I think I'll go to Borders because I can hardly breathe...
  • 13:07:30: ...because our neighbor is finishing up last year's project by putting wood flooring on the basement stairs.
  • 17:45:28: Great. Now the entire house is covered in sawdust again. And it was just the basement stairs so we didn't think to cover anything... D:
  • 22:22:33: In the end, I wasn't able to get much done today after all, because I've been trying to avoid breathing dust. -__-;
  • 22:23:38: We can't turn on the heater either, because it would circulate dust in the house. I feel like I've time traveled back to last year. :(
  • 23:01:08: I'm getting a headache now. I should go to bed before I get sick... :(

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