Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 10-14-2010

  • 15:14:51: Am watching Pokemon Best Wishes Episode 5 and loling at all the comments going "GINGA BISHOUNEN" when Dento shows up.
  • 15:15:42: Miyano Mamoru is forever going to be known for that role, isn't he? XD
  • 15:17:58: There's also some "I am Gundam" and "Death the Kid?!" comments...the guy is really prolific these days, isn't he?
  • 15:18:13: Which reminds me, I still need to see Star Driver...
  • 15:22:59: "MATSUDAAAAAA" Okay it's really hard to take this character seriously with all these comments flying by XDD
  • 15:28:05: Now I'm loling at these ridiculous gym leaders and their squealing fangirls... XD
  • 15:42:27: Ahahaha omg Pikachu that was PATHETIC. XD THESE BATTLES MAKE NO LOGICAL SENSE.
  • 15:46:26: Mamepato: *completely forgotten*
  • 15:48:46: Mijumaru is the most entertaining thing in this show, I swear. XD
  • 15:50:58: lmao
  • 21:35:12: This episode of CSI is creeping me out. D:
  • 21:44:52: SO CREEPED OUT.
  • 21:56:44: Oh god the story isn't resolved, we're going to be seeing this creepy, creepy guy again. D:
  • 21:58:40: This season's recurring villains: Justin Bieber and latex spider stalker guy.

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