Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 10-09-2010

  • 01:07:16: Random: Any anime that involves eroge in its premise probably won't be something I'll watch. I have no experience with or interest in eroge.
  • 17:53:22: Escaping Gringotts on the back of a half-blind dragon: Still the most awesome escape plan ever.
  • 18:14:41: I like how each time the trio tries to sneak into someplace, they keep making stupid mistakes and nearly get caught. Seems realistic.
  • 18:16:41: At first they're like "Okay, we've got everything planned out, this should work!"
  • 18:17:31: Then by the time they get in there, they're like "...Well shit, our plan sucked" as things they didn't expect keep happening.
  • 18:19:05: And yet still they manage to troll Voldemort every time.
  • 18:24:04: I admit I find Voldemort's episodes of RAGE pretty entertaining, even though he ends up killing/torturing people as a result.

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