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Re: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (up to Chapter 24)

So last weekend was really busy. I'll post more about that later, but for now I'll just go into why I've been mostly gone from the internet this week (lol posting in reverse chronological order).

Basically, I've been spending a lot of my free time rereading Deathly Hallows. At first I was planning on reading only one chapter a day, but shit gets SO real SO early on in this book, that it soon proved impossible (I don't know how Mark can do it). Whenever I felt a bit bored, I would glance at the book, and in the back of my mind I'd be going oh no don't do it you'll just get sucked in again and before you know it it'll be ungodly hours of the morning and you'll have to go to bed. But each time, I can't resist.

I still have fond memories of the day I got this book: it came out on midnight of the day I was going to Otakon (2007). I had it preordered at Borders, and mom and I went there for the midnight release, only to find that the store was filled beyond capacity, and a HUGE crowd of people was lined up outside. By asking around, we soon realized that by the time my ticket was called, it would be like 10 in the other words, by the time I received my book, my train to Baltimore would have already left. I was desperate to get that damn book, because it was the friggin last Harry Potter book and I wanted to read it while waiting in lines at the con so I wouldn't get spoiled by some troll, so mom and I drove around to several bookstores. Finally, we found a copy at Safeway, the local supermarket. They had like four or five copies, and I managed to get one of them along with a few other desperate families who were there for the same reason. LOL, Harry Potter craziness.

I don't think I actually posted any of my thoughts on the book back then because it seemed like everyone else had already posted what I wanted to say. And this is my first time rereading the book since 2007, and I'd forgotten a lot of the details (I remembered the basics, like who died, who turned out to be a dick, what each Horcrux was), so in a way, it almost feels like I'm reading it for the first time all over again.

The first time I read it, I only recall crying during the scene where Harry is walking to his death. (This was also memorable to me because I was reading it in the car on the way to work in the morning, and mom was like, "Are you crying??" and I was just like "Harry.... ;___;") But last night, I totally broke down crying over Dobby's funeral. :((((((

Things that also touch/break my heart:
-Aww Dudley!
-Omg Regulus D:
-Draco D:
(In other words, omg how does this book make me feel so much for previously unlikeable characters)

Also, I can really understand why they split the movie into two parts; because the trio isn't at school, they're free to get into more incredible, dangerous situations. I mean sure, they're also under more restrictions since they're on the run, and there are long stretches of time that they're doing nothing but camping, but it's still more intense compared to how adventures are spaced out with school hijinks in the previous books. And of course, it's impossible to skip out on any of the info that leads to them finding out about the Deathly Hallows and the Horcruxes, so the two-part movie thing makes a lot of sense.

Speaking of which, I'm also really looking forward to the movie. All the stuff in the trailers looks really awesome and faithful to the book. I've never been to a midnight movie premiere before, but I'm considering going to the one for Part 1, now that I have my own car and wouldn't have to bother mom about it (I'll go into this later). It helps that Warner Bros apparently scrapped their plans for Part 1 being in 3D (because I don't want to watch it in 3D but that's probably the showing that would attract the most people at a premiere). And this movie is the last thing to come out in the franchise so it would be fun to GO CRAZY OVER HARRY POTTER in some way for one last time. So yeah. IS IT NOVEMBER YET?
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