Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 10-03-2010

  • 02:25:50: LOL wow this figure looks awful.
  • 03:29:01: HAPPY DON'T FORGET DAY.
  • 03:31:50: Oh dude, next year's Don't Forget Day is going to be awesome. Because it will be 3.Oct.11 as in the manga.
  • 03:32:48: And for first anime fans, this year (3.Oct.10) is already awesome.
  • 03:36:02: Maybe we should all go burn down a house to celebrate.
  • 03:38:26: ...Or maybe I'll just draw a house on a cake with icing and then light some candles on it. That'll probably be better.
  • 03:40:50: Actually it's never been clear to me whether this is a day to celebrate or mourn. Much like Simon/Nia's anniversary or November 11th.
  • 03:41:20: But whatever, any excuse to make cake is fine with me.
  • 03:48:50: Seriously, 3.Oct.11 will only come around once in our lifetimes. To not do something special would be a waste.

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