Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 09-30-2010

  • 00:02:50: It's September 30th in America now. Happy 3rd Anniversary to Simon & Nia. :)
  • 00:14:33: *plays Simon/Nia FST* Yeahhhhh I'm a sap.
  • 00:53:11: OMG the next one is "Lovable companions"...Winry & Mei! :D
  • 06:26:12: The Pokemon Best Wishes ED is adorable. :D
  • 06:38:12: Yaaay, I finished one thing on time! \o/ Though I'd also like to finish the other two things within the next few days too...
  • 17:43:11: I just saw a Harry Potter fanart that I thought was Harry/Ginny. It took me several long moments before I realized it was James/Lily.
  • 21:47:04: RT @omgidothistoo: I hate it when I'm trying to be sneaky at night, then the stairs start creaking. #idothistoo
  • 22:03:38: I'm glad our house never gets flooded. Thank god for the creek and huge storm drain right by our house.
  • 22:04:49: Well, naturally flooded. Broken pipes have flooded the basement several times in the past. :/
  • 22:50:07: Rain on Sunday?! Noooooooooooo! D:
  • 22:52:35: It rained the last time we went on a dog walk too, and it took a while to rid the car of musty dog smell...

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