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RE: FMA Manga Chapter 44

To sum things up, this chapter was very sad, informative, and FULL OF Ed/Winry LUV!!! :OO
More in depth:

Erm...nice pose, Ed... O__O;; Elricest fans are going to be all over this...

Ed hating Hohenheim some more. XD (And Garfiel-san, you are sooooo~ disturbing! D:)

Ahh, what a reunion. XDDD

THIS PAGE IS SO MUCH LOVE! *still laughing* XDDDDD!!!

Ooooooh, he's blushing! And looking very uncomfortable... XD

THIS PAGE IS ALSO SO MUCH LOVE!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA, oh my god he's DEVASTATED! XDDD And I really want to read what they're saying under the blacked-out parts~!

Yup yup yup, all the pieces are finally coming together! And...this is creepy. So Al's soul was inside that thing, and that's why it died so suddenly? Ewwwwww. O.O

So sad... ;_____; Makes me recall that horrible dream Ed had in the second volume... *sniff*

Izumi without dreadlocks! Now that I can cosplay! And this is also very sad...kinda like the anime (especially what she used for ingredients and the fact that the result had odd skin coloration), but also very much different (her failed transmutation died, and did NOT become a homonculus! :P).

AND AND AND! ZOMG! I knew it!!! Ed IS growing!!! See? PROOF! He's almost taller than her now! :O
And Winry noticed!!! XDDDD *fangirl squee* MWAHAHAHAHA, what do you say now, girly? Don't judge guys based on height! >D

...You know what, I'm sad about Havoc and the Roy/Riza moment was cute, but I was really disappointed when it switched back to the military guys. :/

And last but not least, SCAR~~~!!! :D Could this perhaps lead to another showdown with the Elric Brothers???


Oh yeah, Kirsten and I were talking about doing a scanlation of this tonight, BECAUSE WE CAN! >O

EDIT: I want to make a manga!colorbar that says "Edward Elric is in love denial" now. :/ Someone stop me?

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