Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 09-09-2010

  • 03:53:17: Seeing anything Pansuto while writing can be really distracting, because somehow I get those designs stuck in my mind.
  • 03:53:48: And then I suddenly start seeing Yoko as Panty, and Nia as Stocking. REALLY DISTRACTING.
  • 16:37:16: Huh. I was just reading through part of the 2nd GL novel for something...
  • 16:37:52: And apparently, beastmen have a regenerative ability that allows them to heal most wounds after just one night's sleep.
  • 16:46:30: Which I guess makes sense, since they can only regenerate cells in their sleep. Apparently it wears off with age though.
  • 16:47:52: I suppose that also explains Viral recovering so quickly from battle & Adiane's beatings pre-immortality, ahaha.
  • 16:53:40: Yay, just found the part in the 3rd novel that says Anti-Spiral Nia's "costume" is actually her skin. (Meaning she's naked. All the time.)
  • 16:54:35: I remember Nakashima saying that in the radio show years ago, but I couldn't remember when exactly, so it's nice to have proof in writing.
  • 17:02:08: (If anyone's wondering, I was looking for that in case I needed to back up something I wrote in my fanfic. >.>;)
  • 17:14:58: I should really get the 1st novel someday...I want to know more details on life in Jeeha Village.
  • 17:29:40: I'm not gonna lie, half the reason I want to keep Kamina alive in Days of Thunder is so I can explore his daddy issues.

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