Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 09-08-2010

  • 01:00:47: White Collar finale: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! ;__;
  • 14:35:56: Wow, even the /music/ is NSFW.
  • 14:40:00: But ahaha, seeing it animated now, it looks pretty fun. I certainly don't think I've ever seen an anime like that before.
  • 14:46:56: Just from the PV, I'd describe the feeling I get as watching Saturday morning cartoons on crack. Both nostalgic and WTF?
  • 14:51:00: Here it is, btw: (If there are people around you, use headphones.)
  • 15:25:19: Now I've got that music stuck in my head. I don't want sex-noise music stuck in my head. D: *turns on something else*
  • 16:38:30: Come to think of it, I had a dream last night that I visited Gainax studio...
  • 16:39:01: And they had created a trailer for a Otoko Ippiki Gurren Lagann anime, but they wouldn't let me see it. :(
  • 17:11:40: I think, if i were forced to choose three of my top favorite anime, they would be Gurren Lagann, Mushishi, and Princess Tutu. /random
  • 17:13:59: Jeez, did I seriously forget to capitalize an 'i' in my previous tweet? This is why Twitter needs an edit function.

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