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CSakuraS: yeah, I never thought much about it, because I read the manga before the anime, but the first few times we see Roy in the anime, he does give a really bad impression :O
CSakuraS: some people so far think he's just a flat, distant, uncaring, cold, manipulative bastard
CSakuraS: and today they're going to see him sing and angst! MINISKIRTS! :D
kuno no bokken: XDDDD
kuno no bokken: yeah, i didn't know what to make of him until then.
kuno no bokken: (i also didn't see episode 5 before then so the fire thing took me by surprise. XD)
CSakuraS: oh my XD

I've been posting a lot today, haven't I?

Mwahaha...I shouldn't have been grinning so much while reading that. You'll see, new fan, you'll see... >D

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