Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 08-31-2010

  • 02:56:56: RT @Anime: Interest: Fullmetal Alchemist Quote Wins Marriage Proposal Contest • "Words to Propose Marriage" contest re-judg..http://4NN. ...
  • 02:57:51: Ed's proposal won a real life marriage proposal contest. I AM SO AMUSED. XD
  • 04:29:13: So, it looks like the 2nd arc of the GL manga will end with Chapter 36 in September. Which means timeskip will begin with Chapter 37.
  • 04:30:23: Possibly in October? Or maybe Morikota will take a break for a month to touch things up for Volume 6?
  • 04:32:01: Well, either way, I hope Gurren Lagann gets the cover again when the timeskip starts. Then I will definitely buy that issue.
  • 15:49:13: Paranoia Agent Episode 5: LMAO. Just...everyone in this show is nuts, aren't they? XD
  • 22:58:08: Paranoia Agent Episode 6: Wait whaaaaa? I'm getting confused...
  • 23:22:19: Paranoia Agent Episode 7: O_O What is going onnnnnn?!

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