Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

Update on the progress of SoPHD Chapter 12 Part 1

So, what I have so far:

Writing: Done, except for the last scene.
Beta-reading: Done, except for the last scene.
Editing: In progress...

Mainly, right now I'm stuck on something I knew I might have problems with in the beginning, and which was confirmed in the beta reading: I need to dig into Yoko's thoughts and feelings more. This also ties into the last scene, which is why I'm still working on it. And I realized that an important development near the end of Part 2 might seem implausible with the way it is now, so I need to get this figured out before I proceed any further.

So last night I just wrote out summaries of how she feels about Simon, how she feels about Nia, how they feel about her, and how these perceptions might start to change. Which was helpful because now I see that the chapter does feel pretty bare-bones now in regards to these, and now I just need to figure out how to express them in the writing. This could mean I might have to add even more scenes, which makes me think I should probably split the chapter into three parts again instead of two. Because Part 1 is already well over 10,000 words. >_>;;;

Maybe I'll rewatch episodes 12 and 13 to get some inspiration...though obviously, the situations and issues involved are pretty different, so I dunno how much that'll help. But anyway, I'll spend the weekend tweaking and brainstorming, and then maybe...hopefully...I can post Part 1 (however long it will be by then) sometime next week?

EDIT: Also, the fact that I now think of a 5000-word chapter as "short" must really say something about the ridiculous length of my latest updates x__x;
Tags: fanfiction, gurren lagann

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